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Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting

Assuring harmony in the family and prosperity in the business

family business consulting


We provide an understanding of the normal sequence of life in family businesses and best practices that foster high-level effectiveness in these complex human systems. By understanding the normal "perils and pleasures," families in business have the opportunity to put their experience in a context that helps them to gain perspective on their situation. By learning about "best practices" in family businesses, these participants gain an idea of how they can work most effectively together and assure prosperity in the business and harmony in the family.

Educational services are offered as seminars and workshops that are designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, associations and/or programs offered by the Human Side of Enterprise or its affiliates. Education also occurs in the form of consultation with one or more individuals. The programs are offered in Arizona, Aspen, CO and other interesting locations.

The content of educational programs includes the following topics and more:

  • The Perils and Pleasures of Family Business
  • Succession in the Family Business
  • Governance in Family Businesses
  • Women in Family Business
  • Leadership and Development
  • Family Teamwork and Communication


Initial Contact

The process of our work with families begins with an introductory workshop for the family so that the entire family is involved in the process of deciding to work with a consultant. This is important to the process of consultation since all stakeholders need to feel that a consultant is neutral and gives genuine consideration to the perspectives of all members.


After a family has decided to proceed with consultation, we conduct an assessment of the family and its relationship to the business. This process includes an individual interview with each family member, often with selected key non-family managers and at times advisors. We become familiar with the business and/or other family assets and when indicated, do an organizational assessment.

We may also use the Aspen Family Business Inventory or Wealth Inventory as part of the assessment to gain further insight into the views that are shared and those that differ among members of the family. In the assessment we are seeking to understand the family challenges, strengths, goals and dreams. We observe the family dynamics and gain insight into the individuals who make up the family.

Family Business Retreats

The results of the assessment are presented at a retreat for the family that is also individually designed to develop a plan of action for the family. Education, family team-building, conflict resolution and enhanced communication are typically components of the retreat. The next steps in consultation are determined at this time.

Additional retreats are often conducted as an opportunity for families to learn, plan, resolve issues and grow together. Leslie Dashew facilitates these retreats with great care, assuring that family members feel safe, feel heard and learn from each other as well as from her.

Other areas such as ongoing consultancy include:

  • Developing effective governance for the family, businesses, family offices and foundation
  • Helping to plan and prepare for succession
  • Building teamwork in sibling teams, management teams, intergenerational teams, cousins groups, etc.
  • Individual consultation with members of the family and management.


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Helping families navigate change to achieve harmony and prosperity.