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Women In Family Business

Women In Family Business

Women play an important and somewhat unique role in the family business. They may be the “Chief Emotional Officer” or the Chief Executive. As a daughter or wife, she is often brought into the family business to help in informal ways. Thus, we began to explore how best to capitalize on the resources that women bring to the family-owned business.

We began conducting programs for women as we noted that women in family businesses have some unique issues to address and that it was often most effective to create an environment with other women who shared these issues. Thus, the annual Women in Family Business program was born. We then had inquiries from groups on issues related to women and wealth and began addressing those issues as well.

In addition to the Women in Family Business Conference, we offer custom programs for other families and groups such as the program offered in Bermuda (Women: Health, Wealth and Happiness). We would be happy to design special programs for your organization.

Chief Emotional Officer: One of the interesting findings of our work with family businesses over the past years is the importance of the role of the Chief Emotional Officer. Because family businesses are more complex than other types of business, attention must be focused on the health of the family as it intersects with the business. In businesses where someone is serving as the “other CEO” this work is done: communication is facilitated, issues are addressed, gatherings are organized, problems around “fairness” are considered carefully, traditions are maintained. When no one serves in this role, the family business (even those that are managed well!) suffers and may fall apart.

We help to assure that the functions of the Chief Emotional Officer are addressed. Often, this is a role women play: but not exclusively! Check out our article on the Chief Emotional Officer in our January 2009 Newsletter.

Leslie has written a series of poems relating to women, see “Wise Woman


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