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Consulting Services

Assuring harmony in the family and prosperity in the business


Family Business Consulting

We provide an understanding of the normal sequence of life in family businesses and best practices that foster high-level effectiveness in these complex human systems. By understanding the normal "perils and pleasures," families in business have the opportunity to put their experience in a context that helps them to gain perspective on their situation. 


Our work with family businesses and families of wealth, we help to establish governance that is appropriate to each situation and adds value to the family while preventing a waste of resources.


Wealth & Families

Families often worry that the wealth they have worked hard to create will cause dysfunction in their offspring or grandchildren. We help our clients to understand how to promote stewardship, collaboration and resilience in their families.

Organizational Development

We support our clients in their efforts to enhance their organization through its stages of development.  Our assessment helps company leaders to look objectively at their systems, structures and processes and engage in a collaboration to assure continuity and growth.


Women in Business

Women play an important and somewhat unique role in the family business. They may be the “Chief Emotional Officer” or the Chief Executive. As a daughter or wife, she is often brought into the family business to help in informal ways. We help to explore how best to capitalize on the resources women bring to the business.

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